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Case Study

BBC's "The Social"

Comedy Sketches and Films

Co-Directors/Writers : Charlie Parker & Jack Fox  | Cinematographers : Martin Vesselinov / Cal Hallows

After our freelance Directors Charlie Parker & Jack Fox aired some success with their own web-series venture "Media Mashups" they picked up the attention of BBC The Social and agreed to start developing content on their behalf.

To great success, their comedy duo of writing and directing has brought views in the millions to the platform. 

Below is the image of their most-viewed sketch "Dave the Bouncer" about an ex-bouncer, turned security guard, who takes his new jobs a little too seriously. The sketch has proven to be incredibly shareable and relatable to thousands - the view count now nearly at 4 million. This sketch also features in the "Short Stuff" sketch montage series on BBC iplayer and BBC Scotland's broadcast channel. 

Dave the bouncer views 2021.jpg

BBC The Social have a very flexible arrangement with the Directing/Writing team, that involves a project-by-project basis. The writers submit their concepts and The Social deem them either useable or not.

The arrangement is ongoing and we hope to see many more successes through the platform soon. You can see the catalogue of our works here.


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