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Case Study

Bross Bagels

Comedy Content

Director : Charlie Parker 

Anybody in Edinburgh could tell you what Bross Bagels is now, since the bagel empire exploded with popularity over the course of just 3 years. 

We are happy to have played some part in it's successes through a viral video campaign, aimed at making audiences laugh and enjoy the marketing campaign almost forgetting that it's an advert that they are watching. 

It seems the marketing worked so well, that we even (accidentally) convinced the judge panel of the Scottish Comedy Awards to nominate the campaign for a "Best online comedy award" - little did they realise it was a campaign and not just a sketch series! Not to mention the 5 star review this video received from "David Reviews" (Image below)

Davids Review.JPG

The successes of the video campaign begun with the above linked video, which drew in 53k+ views on facebook and more on instagram. This was when the chain had just three stores.


A video series and lots of bagel sales later, they now have a fleet of 6 stores throughout a single city. The comedy adverts designed to feature the character that is the owner, now known on the sketch series as "Mama Bross" and has since become something of a local celebrity because of it.

Bross Brexit views.JPG
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