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Case Study

World's Big Sleep Out

Event film

Producer/Director: Charlie Parker  | Cinematographer : Martin Vesselinov | Edit-team : PD hardy, Jack Fox, Charlie Parker

On the 7th December, 2019 - 60,000 people slept-out in to stand in solidarity with the homeless population of the world. 

Broken Blonde Media were tasked with creating a visually stigmatic events film to summarise the event after it took place. The task involved briefing videography teams across the world, whilst sending our own individual teams to London, New York City and Edinburgh - to capture the energy of the event in some of the key cities taking place. The turnaround was sharp with deliverables being required on the night as well as the days to follow. The team worked around the clock to keep providing content in the weeks to follow.

We were also tasked with providing in-house videography of the highest profile guests to the event. Including the likes of Will Smith in New York City and Dame Helen Mirren in London. 

After everything had been edited together, we were joyful to see Mr Will Smith loved the video enough to share our video work and a BTS photo of ours on his social media - which brought the attention of millions of followers. A great result for both the event and the client.

Willsmith posted my video.JPG

The challenge of coordinating such a large scale influx of footage from different cities proved to be the most rewarding in putting together this film. Never before had we expected to be at the helm for such a vast project of coordination. 

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