It has been proven, time and time again, that narrative lingers in the memory far longer than anything else. 

What is a Cinematic Advert?


Quite simply, an advert that could be watched as a film. But with the ability to be cut to assorted lengths, so that it suits the necessary requirements. Completely bespoke to the story the client wishes to tell.

Length of advert

The length will be bespoke to the client's needs. Typically we expect it to be from a matter of seconds, to a matter of minutes. Nothing too long, but long enough to convey the message.

The Process

To ensure a matter of consistency from beginning to end.

Typically Broken Blonde will provide the Director and Producer for the project. This team will manage the creative process, with as much or as little involvement as the client requires.

How long does it take?

This depends entirely on the requirements involved in the project. It's not impossible to provide a fast turnover. But time and quality have a relationship in film making.

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